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  • The iFightDepression tool is an internet-based self-management programme for individuals experiencing milder forms of depression. It is free of charge and is intended to help individuals to self-manage their symptoms of depression and to promote recovery. The tool is used with the support of a trained guiding health professional, ‘guided’ meaning that it is used with support from a general practitioner or mental health professional.

  • If you are experiencing depression and are interested in iFightDepression, we kindly ask you to understand that use of the tool is only possible with the help of a guiding healthcare professional.

  • Therefore, we kindly ask you to check for a guide: https://guides.ifightdepression.com/find and https://www.deutsche-depressionshilfe.de/depression-infos-und-hilfe/wo-finde-ich-hilfe/selbstmanagement (for Germany only).

  • Exceptions to this requirement are applicable only to languages where there is a lack of available healthcare professionals, specifically, Ukrainian, or Russian, among displaced populations.

  • If, as a displaced person from Ukraine, you are unable to locate a guide within your current country of residence (please check links above first), please contact us via email using the provided email addresses below:

Bulgaria: spoc_s@abv.bg
Estonia: ifd@suicidology.ee
Germany: mesur@deutsche-depressionshilfe.de
Greece: mesur@epapsy.gr
Hungary: mesur@eaad.hu
Poland: aliansprzeciwdepresji@aps.edu.pl

  • Important information: We suggest you to be in professional treatment when using the iFightDepression tool. Depression is a serious mental health disorder that requires professional treatment by physicians, or psychological psychotherapists. The iFD tool is designed to assist individuals in managing their depression. However, it cannot replace, but only can support professional treatment. Therefore, we strongly recommend using iFightDepression only in combination with professional treatment by a healthcare provider (such as a GP, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist).

  • If you are a healthcare professional and are interested in implementing the tool within your practice, please email ifightdepression@eaad.net for more information.